Tuesday, April 29, 2003

"You know, what is the most special day of February?"
"Yeah, 14th", I guessed if not any else....
"N what so special abt this day?", mischief in her voice, hoping to begin the conversation with a cupidean intention...
"Oh yeah, I know saint Valentine was massacred on that day..."
"Wow, How romantic?", Grrrrrrr

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Filmi Funda #1
"S" For suspense (Sandi's style)...
Dhyaan tya daan.... (this is background music)

Ask Ekta Kapoor How wud u make a movie suspense?Ans : So simple, just change the title from "Kya mujhse pyar karoge?" to "Kuchch to Hain..."

Ask Shaad Ali (Saathiya...) How wud u make a romantic movie a suspense one or vice versa (depends on how public takes it only after actually seeing it: was Saathiya a romantic or suspense BTW)?
Ans:: Just shoot any damn movie, edit with south indian sequences, songs etc etc, then just show the second half after intermission first and then the first half as flash back in between.

Ask RamGopal How wud u make a suspense movie (without Urmila) ?
Ans :: "Kaun" main? yeah, just just shoot any damn movie, but do not edit (to bring the reality touch to it; so may get atleast some critic's award). Then, just take care not to assemble the different shots in sequence ; so the movie looks like 'shot 5, take one', then 'shot 7 take 2' then put the Title somewhere after half hour, again 'shot 3, retake 21' and so on... ( buy some random number generator from Holywood for this...)
without Urmila? ;just impossible...

Next Filmi Funda "P" for Punga...


Friday, April 25, 2003

Curtain Raiser:
This transpired to me, as a way to pay my gratitude and tribute to the only living and laughing Legend in the world (and I think that this world is nothing but Circus and we are all just jokers, some are ring masters some are chimpanzeeing around on the trees etc. etc. does this like some Shakespearrean theory), and the legend is noneotherthan HRH Mr. Cyrus Bakra (I mean Broacha). He has reached that Zenith of PJying that any other punter on this front would just dream of doing.

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