Sunday, June 08, 2003

D for Dubbing

Que : While translating to Hindi how would you fill in the blanks of some South indian song if you don't know the exact meaning?

Ans : Just repeate the same words again and again till the lips does not move into synch on screen. For e.g. "Gopala Gopala", All RHTDM songs 'Jara Jara', 'rehna hain tere dil me, tere dil me rehna hain', 'Sach kah raha hain Diwana, diwana, dil na ... lagana, lagana... jhute hain pyar ke waade, waade...'

Life time achievement Grammy award for best dubbed song goes to "Chuna bhatti, Zopad patti, Ragadam patti:" (best rap category) and co shared by "telephone dhun me hasane wali..." (technical category)

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